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Home phone: 908-575-8428
Cell/work phone: 908-625-5898

About this site: is available to anyone for anything and everything of interest to me.   I use the site to promote family activities, display pictures, and post and other information of general interest to me.  I provide E-mail to anyone who wants a E-mail address.  All this is done for a small annual charge of about $100.  I don't mind covering the costs and providing all the services for free simply because I think it's neat to have a site like this.  If you'd like me to do something for you related to this site, just shoot me an E-mail and we'll see what we can do.  

In the future, I have the desire to host all this site on my own - without a service provider.  This would probably cost more, but it would be a good learning experience for me.  I'll need a high-speed internet connection that doesn't go down, a backup power supply, a PC dedicated to host the site, and a bunch of software to do things like E-mail.  As long as the cost remains low to use a service provider, I can't see any of this stuff happening in the near future.

My Interests:
NJ Basketball Referee.  For info, check out the IAABO web site
Yahoo Games (especially the card games)
Computer consulting - I have my own business - Bridan Consulting.  I've had 4 clients so far - each for about 2 years - AT&T (Inventory System), MetLife (Insurance/Annuity application), Reuters (Mutual Fund application), and my current client CIT (equipment leasing application)
Joe's NFL football pool.  I never win, but it's a lot of fun trying
Softball - I play on 2 teams.  One of them actually keeps season and lifetime stats.  Check out the Hardballs web page to see how I've done.
Skiing, golf, basketball and most other outdoor sports. 

Pictures of my son Kevin
Latest family reunion pictures - 2001
Fr Jim's 1999 family reunion pictures
Pictures from my Nana's funeral
Rich and Lisa Posada wedding pictures
Pics from my parents 35th anniversary party
Select golf photos of me and my buddies

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